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Famiglia Egger  /  Via Laranza, 1  /  I-39040 Siusi (BZ)  /  Tel. +39 0471 706134 /  Fax: +39 0471 706249  /  E-Mail: info@hotel-mirabell.net  /  Internet: www.hotel-mirabell.net


Legal representative: Egger ALexander
Director: Egger ALexander
Shareholders: Egger Alexander, Opbacher Margit, Egger Jessica, Egger Marion
Shareholders’ equity: 440.000 € (fully paid)

Via Laranza, 1
I-39040 Siusi
Tel. +39 0471 706134
Fax: +39 0471 706249
E-Mail: info@hotel-mirabell.net
Internet: www.hotel-mirabell.net

No. Chamber of commerce: BZ-73823
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a. What are cookies and how do we use cookies?

Cookies are text files used on the Internet for automatic authentication, navigation tracking or to store specific information provided by users accessing the server, like favorite websites, e-commerce, or shopping carts.

More in detail, they are short text strings sent by a server to a web client (usually a browser) and from the client back to the server (unchanged) every time the client is at the same section of the same web domain. The term “cookie” – literally “biscuit” – comes from the term magic cookie (magic biscuit), a well known concept in the UNIX environment, which has inspired both the idea and the name of the HTTP cookies.

Each domain, or any part of it, may set-up browser cookies. Since a typical Internet page, like, for example, an online newspaper, contains objects coming from many different domains and each of them may use cookies, it is usual to store hundreds of cookies in a browser.

By default, in most web browsers cookies are automatically accepted.

The hotel-mirabell.net websites uses or may use, even in combination with each other, the following types of cookies, divided according to the classification proposed in Opinion 04/2012 on Cookie Consent Exemption issued by the “ARTICLE 29 DATA PROTECTION WORKING PARTY”  (available at this link)

  • “Session” cookies are stored on a user’s computer for purely technical and functional issues, to enable the transmission of session identifiers required by a safe and efficient site browsing; they are automatically erased at the end of the “session” (hence the name) by closing the browser. These types of cookies avoid the use of other technologies that could compromise the privacy of the users.

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These two types of cookies (the session and persistent ones) can themselves be

  • “owned” when they are directly managed by the owner and /or website administrator

  • “third party” when cookies are generated and managed by a third service, which is hosted by the website visited.

b. How do cookies work and how can you delete cookies?

  • The use of cookies and options to limit or block cookies can be set up by changing the settings of the Internet browser used.

  • You can also visit the English website http://www.aboutcookies.org to get information on how to manage / delete cookies based on the type of browser used.

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c. Cookies list present on the websites of hotel-mirabell.net

In the table below you find the web sites hosted with corresponding cookies.

Cookies can be divided into session cookies, persistent cookies or third part cookies. The last group falls under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the same manager and is  divided into the following main categories:

  • Analitycs. They are cookies used for collecting and analyzing  statistical information about accesses / visits to the website. In some cases, along with other information like login credentials (your e-mail address and password) they can be used to profile a user (storing personal habits, visited pages, downloaded content, type of interactions performed, etc.).

  • Widgets. This category includes all graphic components of a user interface of a program, with the purpose of helping the user to interact with the program itself. Widgets, Facebook, Google +, Twitter Cookies are an example. More information about Privacy and their use is available directly on the respective websites.

  • Advertising. Cookies used for advertising fall into this category. Google and Tradedoubler are examples of this.  More information about Privacy and their use are available directly on the respective websites

  • Web beacons. This category includes snippets of codes that allow a website to transfer or collect information through the request for a graphic image. Websites can use them for different purposes, such as analysis of the use of Websites, control and reporting on advertising and customization of advertising and content

About Third Party Cookies


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d. How to use Flash Cookies

The website can use Adobe Flash Player in order to offer some multimedia content. On most computers the program is installed by default.

In case you are using some of these contents, Google Analytics stores additional data on the computer, also known as Flash cookies (or Local  Share Object) by which the manager is able to know the total number of times you open a certain audio / video file, the number of people using it till the end, and how many people close it before the end.

The Adobe website provides information on how to remove or disable Flash cookies (see http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/security).

We remind you that limiting and / or eliminating the use of this type of flash cookies can affect the functions of applications based on Flash technology.

Adwords remarketing tool

The website uses Google Adwords remarketing tool. This tool allows us to publish ads based on users of our Website.

For this reason, some sites call a code called “Remarketing code”. This code allows the reading and the configuration of the browser cookies to select what kind of ads you will see, depending on the data of the Web site you visit, such as the selected navigation path, the pages that you have actually visited or the actions performed inside those pages.

Remarketing lists thus created are stored in a database server of Google in which you retain all cookie IDs associated with each list or interest category. Information obtained allows the identification of only the browser, since from this information Google is not able to identify the user.

More information about the remarketing tool is available at this link:https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/143465?hl=it&ref_topic=3123080&rd=1.

You can disable, partially or completely, the use of cookies by visiting the Google Adwords pages

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